Poplar Mountain Conservation Area

A photograph of a snow covered wood kiosk with a map and several signs

Poplar Mountain Conservation area is a 167 acre parcel of conservation land located on Old State Road. The Town of Erving purchased it from the Ginuisz Family in 2006 with money from the "free cash" fund and a Self-Help grant. The land was previously used as a dairy farm but has since been returned to a mixed decidious and confierous forest. The land is part of an important wildlife corridor and contains 2 springs. In 2022 a gravel parking area was created to accomodate 9 cars.

Permitted Uses

  • Hiking & trail running
  • Wildlife observation
  • Vista enjoyment
  • Photography
  • XC Skiing
  • Showshoeing
  • Dog walking (dogs must be leashed and all dog waste must be removed)
  • Hunting permitted in season

Prohibited Uses

  • Fires and camping
  • Posession and consumption of alcoholic bereages on site
  • Motorized and motor-assisted vehicles including but not limited to
    • Motorcycles
    • All terrain vehicles
    • Off road vehicles
    • Snowmobiles
  • Littering and dumping of waste
  • Damaging or removal of vegetation, signs, walls, or fences