Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is the official "fiscal watchdog" for the Town. Finance Committees were established so that a representative group of taxpayers could conduct a thorough review of any or all municipal questions on behalf of all the citizens.   Members of the Erving Finance Committee are appointed by the Town Moderator.

The Finance Committee is primarily responsible for submitting its recommendations on the annual budget to the town meeting. The Committee is commonly involved in the preparation process involving the development of the budget forms and, in many communities, the establishment of guidelines for department heads. Their statutory authority is limited to making transfers from the Town's reserve fund to other line items in the budget as requested.

The Finance Committee appoints two (2) members to the Capital Planning Committee.

Committee Members

Name Title
Benjamin Fellows Member (2021)
Daniel Hammock Assessor/Member (2020)
Arthur Johnson Member (2022)
Debra Smith Secretary (2020)
Charles Zilinski Member (2022)