Housing Resources

Massachusetts Rental Assistance - This assisance is available for eligible landlords and tenants.

ServiceNet - ServiceNet works with people who are living with mental illness, developmental disability or autism, brain injury, substance use or addiction issues, or the hardship of homelessness.

The Greenfield Living Room - 140 High St. Greenfield 413-775-6760 Open 9AM - 5PM Tuesday–Saturday

The Greenfield Living Room is a peer-led daytime support and diversion program that can be accessed without an appointment, regardless of insurance, and without lengthy intake forms and paperwork. It is a warm, inviting, substance-free environment for individuals 18 years or older experiencing emotional distress. The Greenfield Living Room is a gentler option than an inpatient hospital stay or emergency room visit. Some guests may come for social or peer support, health / housing / employment assistance, on-site laundry, shower / bathroom facilities, or to have a snack in the kitchen.

Center for Community Resilience after Trauma (CCRT) - 1 Arch Place, Greenfield 413-773-5090 Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm

The Center for Community Resilience after Trauma (CCRT) provides coordinated support to victims of crime or trauma. CCRT helps thousands of people affected by drunk driving crashes, robbery, industrial accidents, hate crimes, homicide, abuse, and other crimes. CCRT’s services are always free of charge to crime victims. There’s no incident too small and no time limit on when people can receive services. Crimes need not have been reported or prosecuted.

Green River House and Quabbin House - Green River House 37 Franklin St., Greenfield 413-772-2181 Quabbin House 25 W. Main St., Orange 978-544-189

Clubhouse is an evidence-based model of psychosocial rehabilitation that uses the power of meaningful work and connection to a community to transform the lives of adults with mental health disorders. Green River House and Quabbin House provide rehabilitative vocational, social, and recreational programming. Club members have the opportunity to engage in various work units within the Clubhouse, receive assistance with writing resumes, search for jobs and build interview skills. Social and recreational programming includes evening and weekend "drop in" social times as well as structured activities and scheduled outings. Referrals may be made by any individual or service provider.