The Erving Board of Assessors consists of a 3 Member elected Board and the office is manned by a Principal Assessor.  

The Assessors office has the responsibility to determine the value of Real Estate, Commercial, Industrial and Personal property for the purpose of taxation. The process used for the valuation of Real Estate is called the Sales or Fair Market Value, FMV) approach. The FMV approach determines the value of property by averaging the cost of what property and homes are being sold for between a willing buyer and a willing seller. This approach is done every five years through a process called “Revaluation”. The processed used for valuation of Commercial, Industrial and Personal property is based on either the Cost Approach or the Income and Expense Approach. These valuations are also updated every five years.

Other areas of municipal government that the Assessors Office handles include Real Estate Exemptions, Real Estate and Personal Property Abatements, Motor Vehicle and Trailer Excise Tax Bills and Abatements, Property Ownership and Real Estate Deeds.


  • Residential/Open Space: $8.00
  • Commercial/Industrial: $13.14
  • Personal Property: $13.14

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jacquelyn M. Boyden Principal Assessor

Board of Assessors

Name Title
Daniel Hammock Chair (2024)
Mark Burnett Member (2025)
Erik Eichorn Member (2023)