Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is tasked with enforcing the Wetlands Protection Act in Erving. All construction, filling, or dredging within wetlands jurisdiction must go before the Conservation Commission. If unsure about whether the planned work falls under the jurisdiction, you may reach out to a member. They may ask you to file a Request for Determination of Applicability which is official paperwork determining if the Wetlands Protection Act is applicable to the site and scope of work. If it is determind that it is applicable, then a Notice of Intent (NOI) must be submitted for review by the Conservation Commission. Abutters will be notified and a public hearing will be held. Conditions on the scope of work to be done will be issued and must be followed. Questions concerning this process are welcomed by the Commission to make the process as smooth as possible.

Members of the Conservation Commission are appointed yearly by the Board of Selectmen.

Commission Members

Name Title
David Brule Chair (6/30/2020)
Beth Bazler Member (6/30/2022)
Bruce W. Scott Member (6/30/2020)
Michael Shaffer
Mark Blatchley Member