Town Meeting

The Town of Erving was formally incorporated as a town in 1838, formerly the tract of land called "Erving's Grant."  With this incorporation, the Town adopted a Town Meeting format of government.

Town Meeting Warrants

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Town Meeting Structure

The Town of Erving maintains the long standing New England tradition of governance through Town Meeting. The registered voters of Erving fulfill the role of the legislative branch of governance with the authority to approve bylaws, adopt local option statutes, and to approve the operating budget of the Town.  All town meetings must be called by a warrant that state the time and place of the meeting and lists all items of business to be acted upon.  The warrants are prepared and approved by the Select Board and posted by a constable.

Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for the first Wednesday in May of each year.  This is the meeting that the Select Board present the proposed operating and capital budget requests for the coming fiscal year.  The warrant must be posted seven (7) days prior the Annual Town Meeting. 

Special Town Meeting

The Select Board can schedule a Special Town Meeting, as necessary, throughout the year when financial and regulatory matters require legislative review.  The warrant must be posted fourteen (14) days prior to a Special Town Meeting.