The Erving Senior Community Center Is revealing it's New Logo


It all began when I came home from an MCOA conference. I had an idea and was excited to share it with our COA. What was the possibility of branding and designing our own logo. It would be a way to promote our own identification and recognition for the town of Erving. I spoke with administration they had no concerns, so we began our research. On the team Paula Betters, Sarah Meuse & Denise Maynard. We meet many times to brainstorm and develop core tenets of our organization. We wanted our concepts and vision of how we perceived the logo and for the design to be clearly depicted and ready to submit to the graphic artist Stewart Smith.

"This is the descriptive branding narrative we submitted to the Graphic Artist. It was the beginning of the logo process. We are very proud of our results."

The Center is in a rural setting surrounded by mountains and trees. It represents a peaceful and tranquil place to come to.  Our Center is not only a beautiful building on the outside it is also a beautiful building on the inside. It welcomes you with outside benches filled with floral & patterned printed pillows. Lovely planters filled seasonally. The inside is warm and inviting it exudes hospitality and reflects with all the amenities. We have an established color palette we use on most subject matter. The colors are fall tones, many shades of greens complemented by a bittersweet orange, warm whites and shades of golden wheat & yellows. These are our internal wall colors. We have been using these colorways on our business cards letterhead and the many flyers we produce. The French King bridge symbol is synonymous with Erving and the center because after you cross it heading east towards the center there is a massive painting lovingly created by a local artist welcoming you to Erving. Stating there is no better place to live and the focal point is the bridge. The bridge also represents to us the different ages of our community and our center bridges them together. We are a senior center during the daytime hours. Events or town functions take place in the evenings or weekends. Bridging together the use of our center and the members of our town and all age groups. Our choice to have the tree with fall foliage helps us represent our colors that brand us. The use of the fall tree also represents change because we are ever changing to create a sustainable future for the center. The water under the bridge should look as if it is flowing. It is our symbol of ever changing times as well as moving forward. This river literally is the river that runs through the town connecting what our town deems the Erving and Erving side area. Joining seniors 55 and over, middle-aged and youth.