Annual Town Budgets

Budget Process

The annual budgeting process takes approximately nine (9) months to complete. The Board of Selectmen establish a budget calendar (summarized below) that outlines when instructions are issued, when documents are due for submission, and when public meetings will be held on each request. Throughout the review process, alterations are made to the departmental requests before a finalized proposed budget is submitted to the residents for consideration.

Capital Budgeting:

Through the establishment of a bylaw and policy, a Capital Planning Committee was established to formally review capital improvement requests and to develop a multi-year capital improvement plan. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee annually for the capital projects that should be funded.

Operational Budgeting:

the operational budget requests for each municipal department and agency are reviewed by the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee. Each department and agency is invited to meet publicly with the Board and the Committee to explain the request. Based on these discussions, the requests are adopted or adjusted.

Fiscal Year 2021 - Planning  (coming soon)

General Information (PDF)Capital Budget Forms (PDF)Operational Budget Forms (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2020:

General Information (PDF)Capital Budget Forms (PDF)Operational Budget Forms (PDF)
FY2020 Budget Planning CalendarCapital Request Guidance MemoOperational Request Guidance Memo
 Capital Request FormOperational Request Form

Fiscal Year 2019: